VUUMA Novelty Male Enhancement Capsules x 10 units

VUUMA Novelty Male Enhancement Capsules x 10 units

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Overview of Vuuma Novelty Male Enhancement Capsules

Vuuma is a Natural and sustainable solution for males looking to enhance their sexual performance. Clients experience more powerful erections, stronger orgasms & increased sex drive. The approved and natural VUUMA Capsules consists of a combination of libido enhancing ingredients, providing a natural and efficient sexual performance solution.

The Novelty pack comes in playful packaging with 17 designs to entertain yourself and make the occasion a little more adventurous and fun. It is a perfect gift for a bachelor's party or for a playful evening with your loved one!


Benefits of Vuuma include but aren't limited to:

- Boost your sex drive.

 - Increased Confidence, Charisma and Satisfaction in the bedroom.

- Explore and Have fun. 

- Combat premature ejaculation

- Assists with Erectile dysfunction and maintaining a firm erection.


This specific product is the 700mg dosage capsule and our ultimate offering for men.