ED – From frustration to victory

Part one: Help your partner to cope with ED – 5 helpful hints

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is not merely a physical challenge. The emotional impact is sometimes even harder to cope with than the lack of performance. Typical, common emotions men that suffer from ED experience are anger, frustration, lack of self-worth and confidence. This is what we have learned from helping others to cope with ED:

  1. Understand that your partner’s apparent lack of interest in intimacy is rooted in the fear of underperformance, not in disinterest in you. Be patient, and encourage other playful acts of intimacy.
  2. Encourage your partner to be honest with you and a physician. Challenge yourself to also be vulnerable and honest regarding your own fears and feelings.
  3. Be patience with the process and with your partner’s journey to acceptance and recovery.
  4. Encourage your partner to live a healthy lifestyle. Good heart and vascular is key. It may not reverse erection problems that are there already, but it certainly may reduce their progression.
  5. Enhance arousal by ramping up foreplay or try something new like our VUUMAFORMEN novelty packs to spice up your bedroom pleasure!

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